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What to Expect in Your First Chiropractic Visit

Welcome to our office

We want you to know that you are in good hands! Our goal is to educate, heal and connect with our patients as we help you achieve optimal health through chiropractic care. Our office was designed with you in mind. We want you to feel comfortable, safe and at home in our clinic during your first chiropractic visit and always. Come join the Atlas Family today!

Your First chiropractic Visit:

Consultation, Exam and X-rays (30-45 minutes)

Welcome! The purpose of your first visit is to establish your health history, understand your health concerns and formulate a plan to create positive, lasting changes to your health.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our friendly office staff at the front desk where they will take down personal information and intake forms. You will then have a consultation with the Doctor to determine if chiropractic care can help you with your specific concerns. We pride ourselves in only taking on patients that can benefit from our care. If we determine that there is someone better suited to help your specific health needs, we are happy to refer you to those individuals. If we deem chiropractic care can help you the Doctor will then perform an orthopedic and chiropractic neurological exam followed by X-ray imaging when needed.


Why take X-rays?

Like fingerprints, each person has unique features that are specific to only them. Understanding this, we take X-rays to see the spine. Taking X-rays allows us to identify misalignments based on your anatomy. It also helps us utilize and perform the most gentle and specific adjustment for you.

Second Visit:

Report of Findings and 1st Adjustment (20-30 minutes)

With all the ground work done from your first chiropractic visit, this appointment is where your journey truly begins. The purpose of your second visit is to learn more about the chiropractic approach. You and the Doctor will discuss your individualized care plan and then receive your first adjustment.

The first half of this visit will be consulting with the Doctor and learning more about your spine. The second half of this visit will be the adjustment, and therapy the doctor deems important and then resting in our zero gravity massage chairs. Research has shown that resting in this position after an adjustment helps the body heal and respond better- plus- these chairs are comfortable! You’ll want take sure you have enough time to experience this!

Regular Office Visits:

Adjustments and Zero Gravity Chair (10-25 minutes)

Having performed such in-depth and personalized assessments in your first two visits, we now have all the information we need. You can expect your follow up visits to be incredibly effective and efficient. You can expect the doctor to check up on your progress, provide therapies, and adjust you as needed. Oh, and don’t forget that cat nap you can catch in our Zero Gravity Chairs afterwards.

We care about your health!